2yrs olds Swim Unaided!

The Water Whisperer

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Super Baby Swimmers all 2 yrs old swim alone unaided!

Erin Lovegrove at two years old swimming 20 meters on her back, at 3 years old Erin completed 300 meters. 

Herbie 2 yrs old swam 65m after 3 lessons & 200 m when still 2 yrs old!

Herbie Silcock-Jackson still only 2 years old blew my record out of the pool with his amazing jaw-dropping 65 meter distance swim which is the same as nearly 3 lengths of a large pool!   Herbie has only had two half hour lessons and on his 3rd lesson off he went and completed this massive distance.And whilst Herbie was still 2 years old he swam 200 meters full stroke no support or arm bands! This is amazing work from Herbie!            

                                                                                Gail & Herbie                        

2 yr old John & Caleb with their lovely Mums.

Both boys have swum 15 meters whist only 2 year old!