3rd lesson swim 1/2 mile

The Water Whisperer

Non Swimmer Macy Swims 1/4 of a mile on first lesson then 1/2 a mile on her third! Watch Video!

Macy learnt all of front crawl with correct side breathing, breaststroke, backstroke AND butterly in just THREE HOURS and 

She swam 1/4 of a mile from a non swimmer on her very first lesson with me, on her third lesson Macy swam 1/2 a mile these distance swims were

both non stop without armbands, she could not swim even 1 meters doggy paddle at the start!

Technically Macy learnt EVERTHING in 3  hours as one hour was spent doing the two distance swims!

Macy was one of the highest achievers on the 4 hour learn to swim course. 

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