Gail Makes TV Headlines!

The Water Whisperer

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The Water Whisperer Gail and her pupils makeTV & other headlines!

Here's a few links to Gail being featured on national TV and in various stories in the press.

In January 2019 Gail, 5 Year old Bella Dixon and 4 Year old Chloe Roberts were invited to appear on Liverpool TV, due to the children's amazing results, Bella had swum 2 miles non-stop and Chloe at 3 years old had swum a quarter of a mile and had learned three strokes.  Chloe then was training for her one mile distance swim, which she has since passed.

Gail also gave a few tips on how to help your child learn to swim in the swimming pool.  There were two articles and combining the views it was pretty close to the same amount as The International Horse Show, which was fantastic as it was the middle of winter!  

 Gail on ITV News & GMTV 24th & 25th August 2014

Gail on ITV, GMTV 25th August 2014 

Jodie Higham 4 years old Swims one Mile

Gails Fun Swimming Classes for Children

Gails Learn to Swimm DVD + Oliver Rimmington + friends

Nicola Fenna Swims a Mile after 6 Lessons with Gail Rickett

 Gails New Baby Specialist Classes Dads Welcome Too!

Jodie and Callum, AGed 3 and 4 yrs old Swim 1/4 of a Mile Full Back Stroke, (un-aided).

Gail on

Gail on (again)

Gail on ( a third time)

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This is what ITV had to say about The Water Whisperer  Gail Rickett

 "Gail Rickett seems to have the magic touch when it comes to teaching children how to swim. 

Some of the Southport swim instructor's biggest success stories include Jodie swam a mile aged just four, and five-year-old Leah who swam five miles after just 18 months of lessons.

Parents of her pupils have nicknamed her "The Water Whisperer".

Gail on ITV News & GMTV 24th & 25th August 2014

A swimming teacher from Southport has become known as the "Water Whisperer" because she can make her young pupils swim remarkable distances.

Gail Rickett's taught a two-year-old to swim 20 metre's without armbands. Her lessons have seen toddlers swim more than a mile.

Pupils' parents gave her the moniker of "whisperer", as she convinces youngsters that they "will be able" to swim further.    ITV


Tim & Amy were featured in a School Paper recently which circulated all over the North West.

Tim for doing so well on his Four Day, (four hours) learnt to swim course and Amy for 

swimming One Mile in one go, a year ago Amy could not swim and in that year Amy has

learnt Breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, butterfly and completed a Mile Distance Award.

Five Gold Stars to them both.