T & C's

The Water Whisperer

Terms and Conditions

All first course payments are taken by a card payment over the telephone. This is to ensure parents do turn up and attend the course and dont book places then not arrive. We have costs to pay and if someone books in and then does not turn up or pay in advance that places could have gone to another pupil.

At the time of booking and paying for the course every person is told about these terms and conditions, therefore please do not ask for a refund as it has been made perfectly clear at the time of booking and in writing here.  We could simply not run a swim school if we gave refunds for when pupils are sick or parents get side tracked and miss lessons.

Once a payment has been taken that secures your time and place on the course, unless notified in writing 48 hours before the course is taken no refund will be given.

This includes when a pupil has also started a course, and decides to drop out, no refund is given.

If a child is off during the course, the fee for that missed class is not refunded or added on to the end of the ten weeks. However where possibly and to our decision a 'catch up' class maybe possible, therefore if you request it we can see if there is a place free either before, or after your exisiting class so the pupil stays for an hour, or if there is another slot during the week so a pupil comes twice in one week.  If you have two children booked in, it does not matter if only one of the children take the catch up classes. 

If you book the course and then say miss the last two, for the catch up classes to be available the next ten weeks need to be paid for as noted we can not add on to the next ten week course.  Catch ups are available on the basis that i know someone will be off that week and a space is available.

If there is an issue with the pool or a class is cancelled, due to say a problem with the pool, the lesson will be added on to the end of the planned ten weeks, therefore no refunds can be given if a class is cancelled as it will continue at the end of the original ten weeks or it may be added as a double lesson.  Quite often we have a double lessons thats staying for an hour as the children respond well to having an hours class on the same day.  

Please note, under the sales act, a refund is not accepted after the course has begun.

If a pupil is moved to a different class for whatever reason on the teachers decision, and the parent agrees, then after that class has begun the parent wants to move back to the old class or decides they want to stop classes, again no refund can be given. If there has been a complaint

Please note any customers who have dropped out of the program are not allowed on the poolside due to insurance cover therefore please contact us in writing if you have any problems about the course, we are here to help.