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Every child is an individual.....

I have taught swimming for over  25 years, winning awards for my 'Dedication to Swimming' along the way, and I have taught in USA and in Europe.  I am also a competitive athlete winning many titles over the years, I still train 5 x a week and two hours a day when time permits, as some of you may know I was on Gladiators the TV shw which you can see me in action on the site here. My past parents who bring their children to me say its my passion, dedication and ability to engage the childrens attention at all times along with my communication skills which enable fast and big results, if you go to the 'Who swam in an hour' page, you will see some children learnt to swim in 15 mins!  And not just scramble across the pool,these children have managed tolearn either all of breaststroke or backstroke in warp speed time, and swim anything up to 1/4 of a mile on one of my four hour courses.

I often get new pupils that have 'swam for YEARS somewhere else', and not progressed much, (see Traceys Testimonial).  If you are swimming somewhere else at the moment and your child has made little progress in months or years plesae contact me.   Jodie and Callum were 3 yrs and 4 yrs and Jodie in a year swam 1/4 of mile full back stroke on her own, no aids, and Callum was with me for 5 months and swam 1/4 of a mile and both can swim 50 meters breast stroke also without any support.  Jodie has now gone on to swim one mile when she was still four years old.

I also have Rohan who has swam 1/4 of a mile at 3 years old.  I have so many children over the years that have swam massive distances at such a young age. 

Here are some testimonials to highlight my skills from the parents who came to me.

Below are three children I have taught over a four day VIP Course who both 'had been somewhere else for three years and three and a half years and still could not swim.'  Here are the results.


James had been having lessons for three years somewhere else and he could still not swim he had no technique for any of the four strokes whatsoever. It was not that James was lacking in his ability, he is a superb bright child who picked up my instruction fast. His most advanced skill was kicking with his face in the water.  He started at 3 years old as noted at another swim school,  and was now 6 years old when he came to me on my VIP four day course. I can literally teach James most advanced skill in about 10 minutes to most chldren of 4 years and above.

Consider that James was closest to completing front crawl, as kicking with your face in the water is a progression to full front crawl.  His Mother asked me to concentrate on developing his front crawl and teach him arm movement and breahting.  Therefore I had 2 hours teaching him front crawl and one hour for breaststroke and one hour for backstroke during the four hour course. James had not attempeted either backstroke or breaststroke before he began my programme.

In that short space of time, James learnt full breaststroke, thats the correct body position, leg movement, arm movement, coordination and he went on to swim 100 meters ( ten lengths of my pool or four lenghts of the council big pool.)  James also learnt all of backstroke, thats again, body position, leg kick, arm movement and coordination of arms and legs and he went to to swim 100 meters also of back stroke.  (All this still during my VIP four hour programme)!

In addition to his fantastic progression of back stroke and breast stroke he ALSO learnt front crawl arms and breathing and swam 30 meters.  All of the above in FOUR HOURS! 

Leah & Amber.

Both Leah ( 6yrs old) and Amber (9 years old) went for lessons 'somewhere else, for THREE AND A HALF YEARS', during that time, neither of them could swim, or had learnt any technique. Like James their most advance movement was kicking their legs with their face in the water.

My time was obviously split between the two children on a VIP four day, an hour a day course like James had.

In that time on day one, they both learnt all of backstroke and swam 100 meters, both of them, they also learnt coordination of breaststroke.  In the four hours at the end of my programme they learnt, backstroke and swam 100 meters, breaststroke and swam 5 meters, and front crawl with correct breating and swam 10 meters.

I think I can almost promise 100% any child that starts with myself at 3 years old, by the time they are 6 years old, then have usually left, and moved on to another sport to learn, as they have learnt, breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterly. They will have swam distances of up to 400 meters to a mile of one or two stroke (not fly.)

I will name a few children here:

Amy Mills, non swimmer in August 2011.

Amy Mills in July 2012, having swam with me for just under a year, swam ONE MILE NON STOP of breaststroke! Amy can also swim many lengths of front crawl and backstoke and Amy can swim 100 meters butterfly.

Jodie Higham 3 years old non swimmer in 2012, by Summer 2013...

Jodie has just completed her 400 meters backstroke unaided and she can swim 20 meters breaststroke.

Jodie has since swam one mile at 4 years old and can swim breaststroke, backstroke and is working on her front crawl and butterfly, plus tumble turns.

Callum 4years old started 5 months of lessons...

Callum has just completed his 1/4 of a mile swim back stoke unaided, and he can swim 10 meters breast stroke. ALL IN 5 MONTHS!

Jemima just 3 years old non swimmer.

Jemima she started at just three years old and in one year Jemima swam, 100 meters breaststroke, Jemima swam her first ten meters of breast stroke when she was still three years old. Jemima has also swam 200 meters back stroke and can swim 10 meters front crawl with correct breathing.  I have even shown her snippets of butterfly and she puts in a good effort.  All this in about one year coming on my weekly classes.

Leah McCarthy 7 years old very nerous.

Leah started when she was 7 years old, she was really very very nervous and upset when she started. She had no technique and struggled to lift her feet off the pool.  In 18 months Leah swam 5 MILES IN ONE GO YES 5 MILES! Thats of course after swimming one mile, then on a different session she swam 3 miles and then on a third session she swam 5 miles in one go.  Leah learnt breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, butterly and diving during her time with me.  Leah went on to compete all over the UK.

At a calculated guess, James, leah and Ambers family spent in the region of £2375.00 for swimming lessons over the three and three and a half years at another swim school.

Both families spent £250.00 each with me and learnt the three main stokes and swam fantastic distances.  I also teach vital safetly skills during my classes of which they all excelled in.

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